Top Three Reasons To Retire In Cabo San Lucas

It’s a world-class destination for travelers worldwide. It’s the chosen vacation spot of celebrities. It’s a romantic wedding spot for young and old couples alike. It is of course, Cabo San Lucas.

One other thing it is – is a prime location for those considering retirement outside of the United States. We’re offering up our top three reasons for those heading into their twilight years to take a peek at moving to Los Cabos for retirement in luxury.

Our top three reasons, by the way – come from experience – since we live here – and have for a while – we can speak first hand to all of this. Certainly the luxury homes in Cabo and the five star hotels and resorts are a perk – as well as the fin dining – and nightlife. But for people looking to actually move to Cabo San Lucas – these are what we feel the top three reasons to do this are.

REASON 3 to RETIRE IN CABO: The oceans. There’s two. And, not only are they beautiful to look at – they’re bristling with life, and there are tons of fun family activities you can engage in such as fishing, sailing, whale-watching,

REASON 2 to RETIRE IN CABO: The Weather. It’s beautiful. Nearly ALL the time. And we mean this. It’s hot in the summer – yes- and there is a slight chance of bad weather during hurricane season. BUT – for the most part – the weather here is gorgeously consistent.  The sunsets and sunrises are also spectacular – and you get to experience them every day.

THE #1 REASON TO RETIRE IN CABO: The people.  The Cabo people are awesome. They’re so friendly. Of course, they are opportunists, at times but aren’t we all? They do love to sell their crafts, services and help – and they welcome the opportunity to work and live in a growing economy – and they fully support and embrace tourism and foreigners living in their town.

Come for a visit – and get in touch with us. We’ll show you around!