Whale Watching In Cabo San Lucas Mexico

It’s the perfect activity in Cabo San Lucas – and it’s a great experience for the entire family. It’s not super expensive, and the rewards are priceless.

What could it be you ask? Whale watching. These majestic creatures, (several species of whale, including sperm whale, humpback and others) migrate through Cabo and make themselves visible during the day from late Winter to early Spring. We really love Cabo Expeditions for a number of reasons, primarily that the tour groups are smaller (around 15 people in a boat) which allows for a more intimate experience.

The guides are highly experienced with the area, and very educated on all the species of sea life. Truly, you might see a pod of dolphin, a group of sea lions, rays, or dolphins – and there’s a ton of photo opportunities.The tours are around two and a half hours, and are quite educational.

The smaller groups, and safety guidelines make for a safe, educational and fun-filled afternoon in Cabo – for the whole family (even little ones, five and up.)

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Image and video from Cabo Expeditions Website.