Cabo San Lucas Airport Update

Terminal 2 at Cabo San Lucas airport is expanding and will open within the next few months. The entrance and exit lanes have totally changed changed, so be careful when driving. The airport has tripled in size in the last ten years which says a lot about the area.

Landing in Cabo – you will have either Terminal 1 or Terminal 2 to deal with unless you are flying private – which is another terminal. Put on your sunglasses as you step off the plane in the bright open sunshine. Going through immigration is a breeze once you have your immigration papers filled out correctly. There will be someone to check your forms that you filled out on the plane so the line will go quickly.

After you claim your luggage and put your bags through the baggage scanner you will hand your last form which is the Customs Declaration to the friendly person waiting for you to hit the button to see if you have a red or green light. If it is red you will have to have your bags searched. If it is green you are good to go.

Your private car or a taxi will take you to your destination. I would suggest to have the car arrangement made before arriving by your hotel or house manager.