Dining In Paradise – Edith’s Cabo San Lucas Restaurant Review

One of our favorite spots for dinner in Cabo San Lucas is Edith’s Restaurante, located a half a block up from the beachfront bars and restaurants of El Medano (Beach).  We go here often – just to eat, and we have even been lucky enough to attend cooking events (like the cooking event with Cabo Wine Club) with the owner, Edith Jiminez – who showed us some of her secrets to Baja cuisine.

Certainly you would know by eating the scrumptious selections that the kitchen uses only the most fresh veggies, spices and fruits in their creations. But after attending a cooking event with Edith, you will really understand just how fresh the food is. Our group was lucky enough to get to go to market together and prepare our masterpieces that same morning under Edith’s guidance.

Of course, the restaurant has been around a long time. In fact, on their website, we learn that Edith originally was a waitress there – from the mid-seventies (back then, it was then known as “Esthela’s by the Sea”) and ownership eventually passed to her, and the restaurant was named after her in 1994.

The location itself is quite colorful, and offers indoor and outdoor seating. The outdoor seating is hugely favored, sporting the famous outdoor mesquite grill, and sitting atop the hill just up from the beach. There are some fantastic views from Edith’s, as well as fantastic waiting lists to get in. Make sure you make reservations – especially if it’s on a weekend.

The menu offers authentic Baja cuisine, soups, salads and appetizers – as well as several ‘group menus’ for larger parties. The seafood selections are always a favorite because they are always freshly caught, and expertly prepared. They do offer a full bar, coffees, wine list (local and imported) and desserts – (don’t skip the Bananas Flambee- they’re TO DIE FOR.)

Edith’s remains one of our favorite year-round spots for fine dining in Cabo San Lucas.

Visit Edith’s Restaurante. Photo From EdithsCabo.com.  And you can make reservations online here.