Palmilla Cabo San Lucas Property History

The oldest community built by the son of the president of Mexcio in 1956 Albelardo “Rod” Rodriquez who lived in California and had served as a test pilot during the war. Rodriquez often explored southern Baja by plane and quickly recognized the potential of the coastal area as a resort destination. Where no hotels existed, he decided to build two, the first called Ranco Las Cruces, in a remote area south of La Paz. The second was a location that he thought was perfect, a point of land on the Sea of Cortez called Punta Palmilla near San Jose del Cabo. In June of 1953 , Rodriquez purchased 400 acres for $15,000. In 1958 the Palmilla Hotel was completed. Guests included Bing Crosby, John Wayne, Desi Arnez and Lucille Ball. The One and Only Palmilla Hotel continues to attract today’s stars, as well as dignitaries and business executives.