Buying in Mexico

Buying and owning property in Cabo San Lucas is easy. We’re here to help you with all your questions and walk you through every step of the way. We’ve been here in Cabo San Lucas a few years now; we’ve got all the connections you need to make your purchase and ownership experience a pleasant and seamless one.

Can I own land in Mexico?
Absolutely! But, owning property in Los Cabos, Mexico is a bit different from buying property in the United States, but it is a secure process. Los Cabos, San Jose and Cabo San Lucas are technically located in what is referred to as a prohibited zone in Mexico – as are any cities or townships within a certain distance from the border (typically within 30 miles of the beach, or 50 miles of the border). This ‘prohibited zone’ status is the result of the revolution in 1914. More recently, in 1971, President Luis Echeverria Alvarez decreed that all Mexican banks COULD hold property in trust for foreigners – officially referred to as the Fideicomiso.

How does the Fideicomiso work?
Non-nationals get ‘irrevocable and absolute ownership rights’ to properties in Mexico through a 50-year perpetually renewable and transferable Bank Trust. This ‘Trust’ is the legal substitute for standard deeded (commonly referred to in the U.S. as fee simple) ownership and is provided specifically for foreigners to own property in the formerly ‘restricted zones’ mentioned above. This process for ownership is sanctioned by the Mexican government, provided for under the Mexican Constitution, and secured by the Central Bank of Mexico. The title of the property may rest on one beneficiary indefinitely, provided it’s renewed within the terms established by the law.

Is there title insurance?
Yes, in 1998, US title insurance companies began offering title insurance for Trust Deed ownership in Mexico. US title insurance can be purchased for properties throughout Los Cabos, protecting buyers just like title companies in the US.

Is there financing?
There are several long-term financing options. Since you can use your property in Mexico as collateral, you can buy your dream home on a 15-30 year loan.