Fall Fishing Season in Cabo San Lucas

slideWe are approaching Fall in Cabo and that means fishing season. The large schools of whaoo, dolphin, tuna and blue marlin are returning to the warm waters of Cabo San Lucas. The Cabo Billfish tournament will be the first tournament of the season followed closely by the famous Bisbee’s Black and Blue tournament in late October.

Don’t miss the fishing action or the chance to see a 1000 pound Marlin being caught and brought into the fabulous Cabo Marina. This is the must-see season in Cabo.

Fall In Cabo San Lucas

richard-cummins-plaza-bonita-shopping-mall-cabo-san-lucas-baja-california-mexico-north-america_i-G-40-4003-V32WF00ZLate August and the month of September are great months in Cabo San Lucas. Summer break is over, and the majority of kids will have gone back to school. Lower golf rates and hotel rates abound this time of year giving you an opportunity for a lower-cost vacation.

This is the perfect time to come to Cabo. This is Cabo’s off season and wonderful deals on golf and lodging can be found throughout Cabo. The weather is warm the greens are fast and the green fees are reduced. What more can you ask for. Many courses are offering reduced green fees after 2:30pm for as low as $85.00 to $90.00. What a great way to save money and play some of the most beautiful courses in the world. Cabo Del Sol, Palmilla and El Dorado are just a few courses that have spectacular views and world class golf.

Of course, as it starts to cool a little, the weather is gorgeous as always.  There is always a lot of excitement this time of year here, in anticipation of the upcoming fishing tournaments and of course, the Red Rocker, Sammy Hagar’s birthday bash in October.

It’s a great time to visit Cabo and see why it’s the perfect place to retire.

Come to Cabo before the peak season starts in November and enjoy the most wonderful place on earth for a fraction of the cost.

Beach Living – Teaching Your Pet To Swim

Untitled-2Living on the beach is – well – ‘beachy’!  But before you plan a move to the beach, you’ll want to make sure everyone in your family can swim. This includes your pets. You never know what might happen, or how someone might end up in the water – but living in Cabo San Lucas – you’ll know that not ALL our beaches are safe for swimming and some are even downright dangerous.

Last week we let you know about the tickets going on sale for the 2013 Gala that will benefit the Humane Society of Cabo San Lucas. So, since we are on the topic of dogs – we thought this was really relevant! Be sure that you’ve taken the precautions to know which beaches are safe and that your pet knows how to swim. Cabo Dog Boutique, one of Cabo’s own vendors – who sells online dog clothing, dog toys, dog bedding and more – has put together a very informative blog post on this topic. Click here to read it!

Also – be sure to get your friend a dog life jacket – like this one.

Education in Cabo

Ssssh! Don’t tell the main stream media, but Americans are moving to Mexico in record numbers. They’re coming for an improved lifestyle, lower cost of living, better climate, and safer environment. Many of them are retired or nearing retirement, but not all. We’re having more inquiries from younger would-be Cabo residents who have one very important question: how will my children be educated?

These parents understand that their children will benefit from growing up in another culture, learning a second language, and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. However all those benefits must be weighed against the education that will prepare them for a solid future. Luckily, there are great options for a superior education right here in Cabo San Lucas.

For younger children there is any number of private bilingual schools throughout Los Cabos. These schools teach some classes in English, others in Spanish, they are solid academically as well as stressing arts, sports, and culture. The teachers are generally a mix of Mexicans and native English speakers (American and Canadian) with an occasional European as well. The children who attend these schools become truly bilingual because they are being taught by native speakers have no accent in either language.

Teenagers, though, can be a bit more problematic. Let’s face it, if you haven’t become fluent in your second or third language by the age of ten or so you’re at a disadvantage. However, if you’ve got a high school student they can’t afford to miss out on the information in their chemistry class just because it’s being presented in Spanish. After all, the SAT’s aren’t too far away. Of course home schooling is always a great option (have you ever noticed that the winners of the National Spelling and Geography Bees are almost always home schooled?). If the parents are working or otherwise unable to home school there is still an option.

Here in Cabo there are a number of what some call “micro academy” schools. With maximum class size numbers being in the single digits the students get all the individual attention they need.  Parents select a college preparatory home school curriculum from sources in the U.S. or Canada such as those offered by the University of Nebraska – Lincoln which are designed to lead to a high school diploma. The cost of such a program is surprisingly affordable and the student will work to their highest potential. Working at their own pace children have a chance to master a lesson before being tested on their knowledge which leads to better grades as well as better learning. Although the class size is small there is ample opportunity for social interaction and intellectual stimulation. Parents appreciate that their child is learning, and is being supervised. With a classes so small there really isn’t a chance to skip class unnoticed or fail to pay attention!

Families who have moved to Cabo San Lucas often speak of the unexpected benefits being that sharing the adventure has brought them closer than they ever were before. So maybe, just maybe, your move to Mexico doesn’t have to be delayed until the kids have left the nest.

Fishing in Cabo – Charter Style

Cabo’s warm waters are filled with a variety of fish that range from sailfish and marlin to swordfish and tuna. With such favorable ocean conditions, fishing is one of the popular activities here; and several private charters offer boats, crew and trips to the best fishing locations. Here are Cabo’s top recommended charter fishing offerings according to USA Today.

RedRum Sportfishing

RedRum Sportfishing, based at the Marina Cabo Plaza in Cabo San Lucas, offers a variety of half- and full-day fishing charters on its fleet of vessels that range from a 28-foot Californian to a 53-foot Viking. The charters specialize in fishing for marlin, tuna, dorado, wahoo and sailfish. The trips include Penn and Shimano reels, custom-made rods and Ballyhood lures and bait. Each vessel offers a variety of amenities ranging from the latest fish-finding equipment and fighting chairs to complimentary snacks, fresh fruit and juice. Fishing licenses and fish cleaning are available for an additional fee.

Fiesta Sportfishing Cabo Fishing Charters

Fiesta Sportfishing Cabo Fishing Charters offers half- and full-day fishing charters on its fleet of 10 boats; these range from a 23-foot Super Panga that accommodates two people to the 42-foot luxury Uniflite that offers eight passengers a variety of the latest equipment. Each of the boats is equipped with fighting chairs and the latest Penn rods and reels. Rates also include dockside bilingual departure and arrival assistance, professional crew and fuel. Live bait, food and drinks and licenses are available for additional fees.

Sunset Mona Lisa Charters

Sunset Mona Lisa Charters provides half- and full-day fishing trips on its fleet of three premium boats that include a 35-foot Contender, a 38-foot Black Fin and a 52-foot Bay Davis. Other boats include three Super Pangas and three mid-sized boats, but are set at a lower rate that includes only the vessel and crew. The premium trips include lunch, snacks, fishing licenses, bait and use of the latest fish-finding equipment. Through its partnership with the Sunset Da Mona Lisa Restaurant, guests can have their catch prepared and cooked for no extra cost.

Cabo Magic Sportfishing

Cabo Magic Sportfishing, based in downtown Cabo San Lucas, provides private, half- and full-day fishing charters on its fleet of boats that includes Pangas, Cruisers (26 to 34 feet in length) and Sportfishers (35 to 78 feet in length). The boats offer a variety of amenities such as fighting chairs, marlin towers, the latest fish-finding equipment and a professional crew. The rates include all Penn tackle and gear, taxes and licenses. The 68- and 78-foot Sportfishers offer the extra benefit of breakfast and lunch prepared by an onboard chef.

Medical Services in Cabo

If you are thinking of becoming part of our incredible community you don’t have to worry about medical services in Los Cabos. Many rumors have portrayed Mexican hospitals in a bad light, but there is no reason to be afraid of your hospital visit in Cabo.

You can find professional doctors, emergency services in Cabo and drugstores that will offer excellent service and healthcare for you and your loved ones. With some of the most up to date equipment, the hospitals and doctors in Los Cabos are used to treating many different emergencies and illnesses.

In Los Cabos you can also find nutritionists, psychotherapy and plastic surgery services, but can you trust medical services providers in Cabo? Just like in the United States, the key to make sure will be choosing the right professional or healthcare provider. Many of the hospitals in Cabo are on par with their American counterparts in terms of quality of care, so don’t be afraid to visit a doctor in Cabo.

Fun Summer Things To Do In Cabo

safariWhale watching is almost over for the season but Cabo still has many wonderful things to offer
With the onset of summer approaching many of Cabo’s famous shopping venues are getting geared up. Located around the beautiful marina downtown you will find both upscale and local shops that make coming to Cabo feel like Park Ave.
And if all that shopping makes you hungry then there is non better than the beach side Office. The Office has been a fixture in Cabo for many years and offers a wonderful view of the Sea of Cortez and comfortable surroundings. The Office is on the beach so the floor is sand so dress comfortably and remember to order the chicken soup. And I know you are saying Chicken Soup but it is the best. Some people even say they have had dreams about the Chicken Soup and a cold bucket of Pacifico.
And if Golf is your passion then Cabo can fit the bill. With several championship courses Golfing in Cabo is a dream come true. We are still on winter rates so be sure and hurry and make your reservations. And don’t be surprised if you see Tiger in town. Tiger is designing a beautiful new course in Cabo that should be completed soon.

A Cabo Local’s Favorite For Shrimp & Seafood: Maro’s Shrimp House

Photos of Maro's Shrimp House, Cabo San LucasMaro’s Shrimp House is courtesy of TripAdvisorMaro Shrimp House is local favorite in Cabo San Lucas. Just do an internet search for Maro’s Shrimp House – and you’ll see the overwhelmingly positive reviews patrons have gone out of their way to post online. Granted, you may see a good number of college kids at Maro’s, but the food and the service are worth it.

Maro and his staff treat you like guests and go out of their way to make your lunch or dinner special. This Cabo San Lucas dining experience specializes in shrimp (very fresh!) and lobster. If you’re not in the mood for seafood they also serve great chicken and beef dishes.

Maro’s Shrimp House reflects a true Cabo San Lucas atmosphere. Don’t forget to try the Bulldog drink special – it’s lime juice, lemonade, tequila and a corona all mixed together in a scooner glass! You won’t regret it (unless you drink too many).

Specialty dishes:
Sautéed garlic shrimp
Homemade spicy salsa
Grilled lobster
The Bulldog (House drink)

Photo courtesy of Trip Advisor – read reviews and more here.

Art Walk of Cabo – June through November

Cabo_San_Lucas_Real_EstateThis Summer, come to Cabo and join me in the Art Walk of Cabo!This wonderful exhibit runs from June to November and is held on Thursday nights from 5pm to 9pm. This is certainly one of the perks of living in Cabo!
Come walk the art and meet some of the local artisans and view their work. There is nothing more relaxing than walking the Art district of Cabo San Lucas on a cool evening with a glass of your favorite wine. The exhibit features beautiful sculptures and paintings from around Cabo and surrounding area’s. The restaurants and shops are also open for wine tasting and food tasting. The streets of Cabo come alive and with the warmer weather approaching there is no better way to spend an evening.  As you walked the cobbled streets of Cabo, viewing the beautiful colors and lights – you will also be rewarded with the smells and tastes of Cabo San Lucas.
The Cabo art walk is sponsored by 16 different galleries. These galleries are open daily if you cannot attend the art walk on Thursday evenings.   Learn more here.

Review: La Panga Antigua Restaurant and Bar

Looking for an old world colonial ambiance and setting in Cabo San Lucas? Referred to as ‘Cabo’s best kept secret,’ La Panga Antigua Restaurant & Bar cannot be beat. Their menu boasts a 5 star regional season cuisine based on daily choices of the freshest seafood available. The lovely exterior includes terraces and an outdoor courtyard where you can enjoy the perfect Cabo weather. And word is, their service is superb.

Chef and co-owner Jacobo Turquie has gained a reputation for serving dishes which demonstrate attention only he can. Numerous local hotels, when asked for suggestions, make La Panga their only referral. With guest comments like ‘A wonderful blend of local ingredients with creative and appropriate seasonings, all with a lovely presentation,’ visitors to Cabo can’t go wrong when making La Panga their lunch or dinner choice.

What makes it better? Knowing that La Panga Antigua also supports various local and state government programs to provide food to local children.

Photo courtesy of La Panga Antigua – read reviews and more here.