Medical Services in Cabo

If you are thinking of becoming part of our incredible community you don’t have to worry about medical services in Los Cabos. Many rumors have portrayed Mexican hospitals in a bad light, but there is no reason to be afraid of your hospital visit in Cabo.

You can find professional doctors, emergency services in Cabo and drugstores that will offer excellent service and healthcare for you and your loved ones. With some of the most up to date equipment, the hospitals and doctors in Los Cabos are used to treating many different emergencies and illnesses.

In Los Cabos you can also find nutritionists, psychotherapy and plastic surgery services, but can you trust medical services providers in Cabo? Just like in the United States, the key to make sure will be choosing the right professional or healthcare provider. Many of the hospitals in Cabo are on par with their American counterparts in terms of quality of care, so don’t be afraid to visit a doctor in Cabo.

A Cabo Local’s Favorite For Shrimp & Seafood: Maro’s Shrimp House

Photos of Maro's Shrimp House, Cabo San LucasMaro’s Shrimp House is courtesy of TripAdvisorMaro Shrimp House is local favorite in Cabo San Lucas. Just do an internet search for Maro’s Shrimp House – and you’ll see the overwhelmingly positive reviews patrons have gone out of their way to post online. Granted, you may see a good number of college kids at Maro’s, but the food and the service are worth it.

Maro and his staff treat you like guests and go out of their way to make your lunch or dinner special. This Cabo San Lucas dining experience specializes in shrimp (very fresh!) and lobster. If you’re not in the mood for seafood they also serve great chicken and beef dishes.

Maro’s Shrimp House reflects a true Cabo San Lucas atmosphere. Don’t forget to try the Bulldog drink special – it’s lime juice, lemonade, tequila and a corona all mixed together in a scooner glass! You won’t regret it (unless you drink too many).

Specialty dishes:
Sautéed garlic shrimp
Homemade spicy salsa
Grilled lobster
The Bulldog (House drink)

Photo courtesy of Trip Advisor – read reviews and more here.

Cabo Community Spotlight – Villas Del Mar

Attention to detail has made the Villas Del Mar a relaxed community with luxury amenities. Villas Del Mar is the best community the area has to offer because of the comfort that comes from living in a variety of options, ranging from oceanfront villas with sweeping views, or mountainside casitas that offer breathtaking sights of the rugged mountain

Amenities include exclusive access to the One & Only Palmilla, a legendary development that is littered with stories of high-profile celebrities and politicians seeking rest and comfort from busy schedules. The addition of newer properties in Villas Del Mar offer private residents beach cub, the new Club Ninety Six, and more of the incredible sights that the most
coveted real estate in the world has to offer.

Living in Pedregal Cabo San Lucas

At the very tip of Baja, where land’s end meets the tropical seas, dreams come true every day of the year. In a private residential enclave with 360-degree views, cobblestone streets and homes that grace the pages of Architectural Digest, life is a festival that celebrates the perfect balance of earth and sea…of comfort and adventure…of excitement and relaxation. Welcome to Pedregal de Cabo San Lucas.

One word: Luxury! Million dollar homes with the some of the most beautiful curb-side appeal ever. Handsome narrow stone roads wind up, down, and hair-pin around. Just exploring these cobble-type streets is an adventure. Add the priceless views of the marina and the Sea of Cortez.  Whether it is an afternoon sitting on the piaza chatting amongst friends or swimming in an infinity pool overlooking the great beyond, every afternoon is just spectacular!

The colorful village of Cabo San Lucas offers unique experiences that can only happen here. Steeped in Mexico’s rich culture and heritage, the waterfront community is filled with restaurants, shops and exciting nightlife…plus a luxurious marina, and the convenience of an international airport just half an hour away. People come from all over the world to enjoy the sunny days, tropical climate and inviting lifestyle of this effervescent town. And a fortunate few become residents of the area’s most prestigious community, Pedregal de Cabo San Lucas.

Cabo Shopping – Everything You Need?

Of course, you can walk down to the Cabo Marina any day of the week, and see booming businesses with shopping, world-class brands, and restaurants. You can walk up the streets of Cabo San Lucas – and find tons of fine artists shops, jewelry designers, and local artisans. We’ve got Artisano’s (home doo dads and artistic gifts and more!) as well as furniture stores with full service interior design services.

Tourists are covered with tee-shirts and curios, sea-shell jewelry, hand-painted glassware and Mexican dresses.

We’ve got supermarkets and fresh produce markets, as well as a Costco and Home Depot! This is great for those of us who live in Cabo or have retire in Cabo San Lucas – because if you’re from America – you MUST have a Costco.

But what do you think we need here in Cabo?

What do you think Cabo is lacking in the shopping department or things to do? I think we need a store for bedding – maybe Bed Bath and Beyond?  Also, maybe a dance school and a cooking school would be good too for visitors as well as locals. Chime in on the comments below, on what you think Cabo is lacking in the Shopping department – or comment on our Facebook page!

Top Three Reasons To Retire In Cabo San Lucas

It’s a world-class destination for travelers worldwide. It’s the chosen vacation spot of celebrities. It’s a romantic wedding spot for young and old couples alike. It is of course, Cabo San Lucas.

One other thing it is – is a prime location for those considering retirement outside of the United States. We’re offering up our top three reasons for those heading into their twilight years to take a peek at moving to Los Cabos for retirement in luxury.

Our top three reasons, by the way – come from experience – since we live here – and have for a while – we can speak first hand to all of this. Certainly the luxury homes in Cabo and the five star hotels and resorts are a perk – as well as the fin dining – and nightlife. But for people looking to actually move to Cabo San Lucas – these are what we feel the top three reasons to do this are.

REASON 3 to RETIRE IN CABO: The oceans. There’s two. And, not only are they beautiful to look at – they’re bristling with life, and there are tons of fun family activities you can engage in such as fishing, sailing, whale-watching,

REASON 2 to RETIRE IN CABO: The Weather. It’s beautiful. Nearly ALL the time. And we mean this. It’s hot in the summer – yes- and there is a slight chance of bad weather during hurricane season. BUT – for the most part – the weather here is gorgeously consistent.  The sunsets and sunrises are also spectacular – and you get to experience them every day.

THE #1 REASON TO RETIRE IN CABO: The people.  The Cabo people are awesome. They’re so friendly. Of course, they are opportunists, at times but aren’t we all? They do love to sell their crafts, services and help – and they welcome the opportunity to work and live in a growing economy – and they fully support and embrace tourism and foreigners living in their town.

Come for a visit – and get in touch with us. We’ll show you around!

Whale Watching In Cabo San Lucas Mexico

It’s the perfect activity in Cabo San Lucas – and it’s a great experience for the entire family. It’s not super expensive, and the rewards are priceless.

What could it be you ask? Whale watching. These majestic creatures, (several species of whale, including sperm whale, humpback and others) migrate through Cabo and make themselves visible during the day from late Winter to early Spring. We really love Cabo Expeditions for a number of reasons, primarily that the tour groups are smaller (around 15 people in a boat) which allows for a more intimate experience.

The guides are highly experienced with the area, and very educated on all the species of sea life. Truly, you might see a pod of dolphin, a group of sea lions, rays, or dolphins – and there’s a ton of photo opportunities.The tours are around two and a half hours, and are quite educational.

The smaller groups, and safety guidelines make for a safe, educational and fun-filled afternoon in Cabo – for the whole family (even little ones, five and up.)

Learn more about Cabo Expeditions and book your tour today.

Image and video from Cabo Expeditions Website.

Great Thoughts on Owning Your Home by the Ocean in Mexico – Part I


Coming from a big city with lots of traffic, schedules – and no sunsets or sun rises that you can see that living in Cabo San Lucas Mexico brings a special meaning to waking up in the morning.

The suns comes up slowly popping up out of the ocean. Then, there is something about looking at the ocean that keeps you not wanting to leave. Every time I show a luxury home in Cabo –  we are all mesmerized by the blue water which changes by the winds, tides, sun and moon.

During the winter months of December and January through the first of April the grey whales come down from the north to give birth and the ocean is even more mesmerizing. Whales breaching out of the water so fast you are not sure if you imagined it or not.

Hundred’s of sting rayes flapping on top of the water or dolphins riding the waves of a fishing yacht are just a few sights you will see starting your day…

Stay tuned for more – as we experience Cabo – we will share it with you.

Cabo Celebrates Sammy Hagars Birthday In October

It’s the biggest party of the year here in Cabo – and perhaps anywhere in the world. It’s the annual birthday adventure for the Red Rocker himself – Sammy Hagar. Sammy, known as epic rock-n-roller and ex front-man for Van Halen lives in Cabo and owns and operates Cabo Wabo, one of Cabo’s hottest night spots. (and the same name to world-famous tequila) Red Rocker fans treck the world during this celebration to make at least one even during Cabo’s biggest party.

Sammy Hagar’s Annual Birthday Bash In Cabo San Lucas – Cabo Wabo

Looking for a good time? Has Sammy Hagar – the red rocker – got the party for you!

Once a year, a couple thousand Red Heads, as Sammy Hagar’s fans call themselves, make the annual pilgrimage to Cabo for the festivities. Sammy plays four concerts with a star studded list of special guests. Last year’s included Michael Anthony, Joe Satriani, Chickenfoot’s new drummer Kenny Aronoff, Kenny Chesney, Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger, Emeril Lagasse, Food Network’s Guy Fieri star of “Diners, Drive-ins & Dives”, and Vinnie Paul of Pantera. Not bad, huh?

Tickets for this event are sold via registration and random selection to keep brokers from buying them all up before the regular folk get a chance. Registration is happening this week only!

Party goers say that one of the biggest draws for this annual event is the friends you make. Everywhere you go, you will meet kindred spirits anxious to include you in the party. Sounds like a great time to us!